Briana Sorgiovanni is a passionate singer songwriter who spreads her thoughts across interests such as community, mental health, humanity, social causes, life and relationships. Briana has a unique insight into social issues and has a desire to lead change with her vocal and musical talents. As she steps outside the realm of weekend gigs and wedding singer, she hopes to help lift up a cohort of fellow aged and minded peers.

Words From Briana:


I'd like to do more than just write love songs,
I want to create songs that resinate on a personal
level with both the younger and older generations -
touching on topics such as The Anzacs (Lest We Forget),
*Surprise* (A Broken World) and Mental Health (Why).
I love to collaborate with other like-minded artists so please
do reach out if you would like to share the love - two minds are better than one!

Future Aspirations:


1. Create a friendly and easy work space for musicians to come together and collaborate

2.  Educate people how important it is to have an outlet of some sort in order to soothe the soul, release endorphins and retain a positive head space

3.  Create mindset retreats and seminars in order to aid people in crushing their fears, discovering their true destiny and pushing through to reach their biggest goals and dreams